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Meet the founders

Nathan and James Potts, founders of Beluga Spas

As passionate athletes, we, Nathan and James, understand the crucial role of recovery in sports. With a background in rugby and regional swimming, and a shared love for golf and weightlifting, we have experienced firsthand the benefits of ice baths. Driven by our commitment to quality and performance, we founded our ice bath business to provide high-quality, accessible ice baths for everyone. Our mission is to help others enjoy the same recovery benefits that have enhanced our athletic journeys. Join us in experiencing the rejuvenating power of ice baths and elevate your recovery to the next level.

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Nathan, the visionary behind Beluga Spas, brings his expertise in fitness and recovery to the forefront. His struggle with weight loss has fuelled the desire to provide products that help everyone achieve a better way of life.

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James, the younger brother and high-performing athlete, brings a fresh perspective on sports recovery in athletes. With a competitive personality and passion for sports, James strives to provide a product which gives everyone the opportunity achieve the best result they can.

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